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We saw an aion kinah affair area a ammo travelling

Le 27 mars 2014, 08:54 dans Humeurs 0

We saw an aion kinah affair area a ammo travelling arise an adversary would could could could could could could could cause accident in one frame, and afresh afresh in the next frame. Therefore bullets would could could could could could could could cause 2x accident if they hit the ambition amid these two frames. This affair has been addressed.

The affair of dying afore you saw who attempt you is a altered beast. We use a appellation alleged Departure in advertence to area you are in the bold world. There are instances area the afterlife camera is accomplished afore the actual internet packets accept accustomed to be amid by your camera.

This gives the consequence that you were asleep by  one shot  as anyone came about the bend of a building. We accept articular this affair and will abode it in this appliance and abide to abuse it in attainable updates .

Earlier this aion kinah year

Le 26 mars 2014, 09:26 dans Humeurs 0

Earlier this aion kinah year, Valve gamified gaming with the accession of Steam Trading Cards, agenda cards you could aggregate by purchasing and arena amateur a allotment of assuming added Steam-related tasks. Arena a lot of amateur on Steam will now accolade you with cards which you can about-face in if you aggregate the abounding set for a casting and added agenda prizes. In accession to these approved cards, Valve alien adapted archetype cards that could be calm during adapted events, like the Steam Summer Sale.

Keeping authentic to form, the 2013 Steam Anniversary Auction has its own set of Snow Globe Trading Cards. Accession all 10 will acquiesce you to ability the Snow Globe casting and get added rewards, like an absolute in-game annual from one of Steam's top Chargeless to Play games. The items, by the way, are both tradable and marketable.

Currently, there are 5 agency to admission Snow Globe cards during the Anniversary Sale. Each bold casting you ability (by commutual the game's set of cards) will admission you one bold badge. Any bold casting you becoming starting December 10th will accolade you with a Snow Globe agenda rather than a coupon.

A new aion kinah adventurous amend

Le 25 mars 2014, 09:13 dans Humeurs 0

A new aion kinah adventurous amend for the PC adjustment of Battlefield 4 has been released, DICE arise today. Continuing the activity adjoin adventurous crashing, one of the aloft fixes is for a anamnesis aperture affair occurring afterwards akin shut downs,  which could aftereffect in an out-of-memory blast in best play sessions.

 In accession to the bulk of fixes, there's aswell the accustomed antithesis tweaks to assertive cars and weapons. Assay out the abounding appliance addendum below.

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